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Big things can come from small countries, and so can ‘big’ people.

First, a little background in case you’ve never heard of Bart Decrem: he was born and raised in Belgium, but emigrated to the United States at the age of 22. He got a law degree at Stanford and moved to the Silicon Valley area right after graduation, where he started Plugged In, the nation’s first digital divide program that Bill Clinton once called a model
for the rest of the country. When he left in ’99, he co-founded Eazel and was actively involved in the creation of the GNOME Foundation.

In March 2001, Bart moved to Korea and worked as VP Business Development for Linux One and Hancom Linux. He later headed marketing and business affairs for the Mozilla Foundation, where he was responsible for the Firefox launch and business partnerships with Google and others. He went on to co-found Flock, for which he served as CEO until he stepped down in September 2006. Full bio can be found here.

I got the chance to ask Bart a couple of questions, you can find the transcript of the interview after the jump.

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