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Bart Claeys, who is also the founder of BarClaey, and Antwerp-based design and development company, has recently celebrated CreativeSkills’ first birthday.

CreativeSkills is a portfolio website for the Flemish creative community, ranging from product developers, engineers, architects, web designers, 3D modellers, interior & furniture designers, and so on. The website allows registered users to showcase their portfolio, trainings and software skills. It also features a job board for the creative industry, which seems to be updated regularly (there have already been 12 15 positions added in Jannuary 2007 alone).

There’s an RSS feed available offering updates for both new job offerings and new users.

Registered users can be searched via a large designer tag cloud, and Bart Claeys has also put his Google Maps knowledge (one of his previous experiments is a map of all Belgian train stations) to good use by offering both a CreativeMap as a JobMap.

CreativeSkills has already gathered over 1 300 profiles in 1 year. The website generates revenue trough Google Ads, E-mail sponsoring and some display advertising; addings open positions to the job board is free of charge.

Personally, I think the site lacks a search engine where you can search names, education and software skills from users. Other stuff that comes to mind: individual RSS feeds per user so you can receive updates to specific portfolios, more personalization of user profiles, a flash video upload tool, a slideshow feature of portfolio images, more community features (like the ability to add friends to a network, sending public and private messages, allowing comments on other users portfolios, etc.).

UPDATE: Bart checked in to remind me of the fact that CreativeSkills is still in Beta, but that there are several new functionalities and tweaks in the pipeline already. Furthermore, the networking, video uploading (example) and messaging features have already been added.

CreativeSkills also has a blog.

Also worth noting: CreativeSkills has won an award with the governmental campaign “Jij Bent Flanders Future” (= “You Are Flanders’ Future”)




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