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Mostly thanks to the growing information overload, web-based memetrackers are popping up like mushrooms. Memetrackers scan a limited number of ‘authorative’ websites and blogs for the latest and biggest news and discussions, often within a defined topic (e.g. politics, technology, etc.). Since most memetrackers are available only in English, the space for services copying the concept to aggregate sources in other languages is wide open. BlogObs (short for ‘Blogs & Observatory’) is leading the way for the French speaking community.

BlogObs is a project by Denis Balencourt and Tor Holden (Synapsys), two guys from Brussels who have been friends since their childhood. They experienced the need of a memetracker for French websites and blogs, because they lacked the time it took to weed trough hundreds of RSS feeds in order to satisfy their lust for information. Since nobody seemed to be dedicating himself to create it, they decided to build one themselves (in association with DSImprove).

Although the service was launched almost 2 months ago, it’s still running in ‘alpha mode’, which means imperfections can occur. Currently, BlogObs tracks an undisclosed number of French speaking websites and blogs for two well-defined categories: politics and technology (both can be syndicated with an RSS feed). If you want to keep track of future developments, check out their blog.

Plans for the future include: adding video integration, more categories (e.g. science, media, …), other languages (Dutch should follow in the next couple of months) and to provide space for advertising so they can monetize traffic in a non-obtrusive way.

In Belgium, there are two comparable services aggregating the Flemish blogosphere: blogium and De Blogoloog.

As for the English language, the list of comparable services is quite long, with Techmeme / Memeorandum, TailRank, Megite, Blogniscient, Chuquet,, Digg, …




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