Web.2point0.be (founded in January 2007) is a private initiative, undertaken and edited by myself, Robin Wauters. The blog focusses primarily on profiling, reviewing and sharing relevant information about Web 2.0 applications and startups originating from Belgium.

I also maintain MarketingBlog.eu, a blog covering a wide variety of topics, including Marketing, Social Networking, Web 2.0, Advertising, Corporate Blogging, etc.

I occasionally translate and edit posts on MarketingBlog.eu for publication on Digimedia, a leading Belgian internet marketing & technology portal.

I hold a degree in Corporate Communication from the Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen, and I obtained a certificate in Integrated Marketing at the 360° Academy in Brussels.

I work full time as Online Media Manager for VNU Business Publications, publisher of two B2B magazines (Data News and Texbel), as well as several websites (VNUnet.be, Datanews.be, Datanewsjobs.be, ComputerMagazine.be, Tweakers.net) and local versions of popular blogs like Gizmodo and TheInquirer (under license).

I have a small hobby Web 2.0 project of my own. It’s called CityTips, and it could easily be described as a Digg-like sharing and rating website for various places in Belgium (restaurants, hotels, pubs, etc.). If you would like to learn more about CityTips, please go to the development blog (explanation only in Dutch).

If you wish to contact me, please visit the contact page.