Mark Creeten is very much into CSS & XHTML design, and his website has become a reference for a lot of professional web designers and developers. After receiving many requests from visitors, Mark came up with the idea of creating CSSSnippets, what he calls an ‘online CSS Code Social Bookmarking Tool’.

Basically, CSSSnippets allows registered users to submit, tag, share and comment on CSS code snippets publicly or within a defined group of ‘friends’. The stats show that the usage is relatively low with 23 registered users having submitted 60 snippets, but Mark claims this is a result of the fact that CSS design is still relatively young in both Belgium and The Netherlands (the website is only available in Dutch). Nevertheless, the website has managed to make it to the 6th place in the category ‘best newcomer’ of The Dutch Web 2.0 Awards 2006.

Mark is looking for ways to increase community participation by motivate users and visitors to submit their own CSS code snippets. If you have any suggestions, you can post them in comments.

By the way, if you want to test your own CSS and XHTML skills, check out his other site