, Belgium’s most famous sports portal, recently launched a free blogging service for registered users. It’s the first time a blogging service based on Six Apart‘s Movable Type platform is deployed in Belgium on this scale.

The sports website was started almost 5 years ago, with the merger of the teams behind Sport24 (the ex-Planet Internet Belgium website became obsolete when the company was sold to Scarlet) and It operates from Paal (Limburg) and reaches an average of 60 000 unique visitors per day, with a total daily pageview count of 700 000. The company behind the website ( NV) is backed by a sole investor: Bob Verbeeck, CEO of sports marketing house Octagon.

Here’s a screenshot of a test blog I created:


Gert Van Goolen, General Manager of NV, says the blogging service will help them retain their readership by building an online sports fan community. At this moment, the service is only available in Dutch. The French counterpart is expected to go live in 2 weeks, and the company’s dedicated to roll out other services that involve participation from the community alongside.

If you’re curious to know what they have in store, keep watching this blog for updates on further developments!