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Did you ever get a job thanks to a friend, family member, (ex) co-worker or just someone you happen to know (aka ‘your network’)? Did that person get paid for referring you?

Statistics tell us that the answers to those questions should be respectively Yes and No. But the chance of the answer to the second question being Yes instead is getting bigger every day.

Getting rewarded for getting someone in your network a job is something that’s mostly limited to ‘internal referrals’, meaning you get paid by your employer for filling in an open position within your own organization. But things are changing. Often characterized as ‘Recruitment 2.0’, websites who enable you to get rewarded for referrals and thus monetize your network by filling up open positions, are popping up here and there. Known examples are SpotaJob (The Netherlands), Yorz (US), Zubka, h3 (both UK based), JobMeeters (France), etc.

And now the first Belgian Recruitment 2.0 website, Xpertize, is officially launching later this week (that’s right, our first scoop!). is a Brussels-based startup that was founded about 3 months ago by 3 young entrepreneurs, with 0 euros in VC funding. The 3 founders combine startup experience with recruitment market knowledge. One of the founders, Axel Lannoy, started up M Cube which was acquired by E-Zone in September 2005, while Cedric Van Kan was an active founder of JustForYou, now part of Belgacom Skynet). Vincent De Meerleer is a law graduate who brings in the recruitment / headhunting market knowledge.

This is how it works: Xpertize allows ‘Connectors’, people with an extensive professional network who share contacts from their network via the website, to get rewarded each time someone in their network fills up an open position within a registered organization. The rewards range from 500 to 3 000 euro, depending on the profile of both job and candidate. Xpertize claims that this system also benefits the companies looking for people, because ‘Connectors’ will want to maintain their credibility within their own network, which leaves more space for quality contacts rather than clutter. The speed of the process and the fact that companies don’t get charged if the position isn’t filled after all, are other elements that could be in the interest of companies. If the right candidate is found, Xpertize will charge the recruiting company 12% of the gross yearly salary.

Personally, I think RSS feeds (or automatic e-mail updates) for new job offers should be added, and I’m always suprised to see a young Web 2.0 startup without a blog.

UPDATE: RSS feeds are being implemented in the near future, and there IS a blog: (see comments).

At this moment, there are already 1 600 Connectors registered in the database (and growing), and over 80 open job positions listed. While the startup is self-financed, the founders have already hired 1 staff member, and welcome external investors to make further developments and an expansion abroad possible.




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